Online Finding Freedom: White Women Taking On Our Own White Supremacy


July 21 - 05:30 pm


August 18 - 08:00 pm

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Evangeline Weiss and Kari Points

It’s time to bring our full selves as white women into the struggle to end structural racism. The stakes could never be higher. Are you in?

Finding Freedom: White Women Taking On Our Own White Supremacy


Weekly on Tuesdays, July 21st to August 18th

How are we as white women contributing to white supremacy?

What keeps us from bringing our full selves to ending structural racism?

How can we move into action and convince other white women in our lives to do the same in our communities and at the ballot box?

Finding Freedom is a workshop that aims to deepen our individual and collective understanding of how we as white women are complicit with white supremacy, how we can make changes to live more deeply and consistently into our racial justice commitments, and how we can move ourselves and other people in our networks to join the fight for racial, economic and gender justice right now.

This 5-part series of Finding Freedom will run from July 21st through August 18th, occurring weekly on Tuesday evenings, 5:30-8:00 PM EST.

*** The workshop cost on Eventbrite is for the full 5-part series. Once you’ve paid for the first session, you’ve paid for the entire series. ***

This workshop is five consecutive Tuesday evenings. Participants must attend Session 1 in order to participate in future sessions.

Is this workshop right for me?

All women and gender-nonconforming, nonbinary and trans people, and all mixed-race and white-passing people of color, who are interested in exploring the intersection of white womanhood and white supremacy are welcome to join us. The categories of “white” or “woman” might not be exactly how you define yourself. This workshop may still be useful to you if you were socialized as a white female and/or you are perceived as one today.

As a mixed-class facilitation team, we warmly welcome people of all class backgrounds. And we do not turn people away due to cost. We offer a sliding scale and also have limited scholarships available for people who need them.

This workshop focuses on United States history, context and current reality. Women from outside the US are welcome to join us, as long as you understand we will be using a US-based frame.

Ticket Prices

Cross-Class Solidarity Tickets $300: Middle and upper middle class participants are invited to purchase tickets at this level as an act of cross-class solidarity and to enable more poor and working-class people and students to attend. Struggling together as white women across class is crucial to ending white supremacy.

Break Even Tickets $175: These tickets are ‘at cost’ and enable us to cover the expenses related to putting on this workshop.

Low Income/Student Tickets $50: These tickets are reserved for poor and working-class people and students.

We also offer a limited number of scholarships. To request a scholarship, please email us at

Frequently Asked Questions

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