Magic Facilitation Lab

Magic Facilitation Lab

I will share with you my three-step magic facilitation formula for creating interactive and successful online workshops. The lab is for experienced trainers and consultants who want to punch up the interactivity and accessibility of their work FAST.

No more disinterested audiences with silence or uneven participation… I promise. 😉

The world has changed. We’re online more than ever now. As we move online for more meetings and workshops, there are new benchmarks for success.

Those of us that can adapt == and even shine == in these new spaces will see more opportunities for growth and success. Those who ignore this new normal will lose out on audience and opportunities.

The difference between self doubt, dwindling audience and disengaged participants and sessions that shine, build community, and make you feel proud is really simple.

As a matter of fact, it’s three things:

Step 1. Connection – how to connect with your people out of the gate – even before they log in for the workshop and how to stay connected with you from the minute they log in until you close the meeting. I will show you how to stay connected with 20-200+ people for up to 2-3 hours.

Step 2. Interactivity – With all that connectivity going strong, we then focus in on how to engage. I’ll share techniques you can use to fuel that community feeling. We’ll also talk about how to design discussions that inspire your audience, bring people out in the conversation, and help them to respond to each other, as well as to you.

Step 3. Vitality – We are going to take dull agendas and powerpoints and bring them to life with multimedia and visuals – tools that support people no matter what their learning styles are. I’ll show you how to use visuals to inspire imagination, reinforce learning and keep participants attentive.

You’ll capture feelings of community and connection with your learners by using my formula to create content that is as attractive and captivating as it is informative.

Boosting these three factors will increase your success and confidence as a facilitator of groups that are 20-200 people. The last facilitator I worked with changed the look and feel of her slides, created better audience engagement tools and is now successfully working with more clients online than she thought possible.

Zoom fatigue is real – it’s costing organizations and people their audiences and impact. Most people have such a low bar set for what to expect and what to deliver.

Most meetings and courses are poorly facilitated because we don’t have the quick and easy tools for thinking about all of our learners, creating something attractive and trying something new.

Too many of us think it will take a huge lift to create something different or new.

The Magic Facilitation Lab gives you the simplest ways to create ‘game-changing’ improvements, leaving your learners excited to register for your next offering.

Class Details and FAQs

Why can’t I just keep doing what I am doing?

Keeping your edge as a facilitator means adapting to these online times. The PowerPoint that worked well in the room isn’t the same as what you need to engage people for 60 minutes online. There are so many distractions for people working and parenting from home. We need to better understand our participant’s reality and meet them there.

Aren’t all meetings the same no matter what?

In 2020, I discovered ways of engaging people online that I didn’t think would be possible. There are so many ways to call on imagination, vulnerability, and authenticity – no matter what your course or meeting content is – you can develop a unique style that is yours – you can turn your meetings into spaces that have a look and feel like no other.

In one 5 week course I am training in the evening, I have participants who show up early and want to stay after the class has ended – after 2.5 hours on Zoom – they want to hang out and be in the space more. When I tell this story to my friends and colleagues, they’re shocked.

Will there be other support?

In addition to the 3 live classes, I will host a Magic Facilitation Online FB group for sharing stories from the field, links to recordings, and regular live Q&A. Participants will also have access to templates and resources in an evergreen google drive and up to 2 coaching sessions with me.

Your sessions will be transformed into magical hassle free spaces.

When do we start?

For information about the upcoming magic lab, contact us at

What is the investment?

It’s just four payments of $230. Most of my clients notice higher engagement and better evaluations immediately. [Sign up with the buttons below![

If you don’t come away with meetings that are twice as engaging and exciting, I will continue to work with you until you do.

What should I do now?

Just let me know if you’re in, out, or have a question.

After you’ve registered, I’ll give you access to the FB group and some early goodies so you can start improving your meetings before we have our first session.

 – Evangeline

Let’s make your Online Magic Happen!

$895 for the Magic Facilitation Lab (or 4 payments of $230) – Select payment option below.

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