New Ancestor Coaching Circles

New Ancestor Coaching Circles

New Ancestor Coaching Circles supports white people with positional power or influence to lead through a racial equity lens. Together, we build confidence leading and participating on multiracial teams. I will show you how to center authentic truths about racism and develop your skills for building equitable, inclusive teams.

As white people, we can often feel that it’s too messy to step into racial justice leadership. We may worry that we don’t have credibility, that we will never get it right, that it’s too risky, or be seen as overstepping.

Unfortunately, when we hesitate or pull back from the conversation, we can send a message that we don’t understand structural racism, or that racial justice is not a high priority for us.

In six sessions over 90 days, we will work on these four focus areas:

New Ancestor Coaching Circles

The truth is, this work is complex. Leading through a racial justice lens as white people is not a simple journey. There will be hard moments, mistakes, misunderstandings, or times where we are unsure what to do. 

That’s where this group comes in. Together, we will each design a unique racial justice leadership style. We will boost our confidence, support each other, and deepen our comfort with discomfort. 

Our approach creates breakthroughs for us to step into the arena and lead through a racial justice lens authentically and with humility.

We seek to build cultures that are psychologically safe, where people from different backgrounds can engage and experience respect. We can see our work in a new way, engage our colleagues and customers more courageously, or raise the bar on our public leadership voice.

Class Details and FAQs

I have already read a lot about racism and white fragility. How will this group inform me?

This group is about the practice of racial equity leadership. For so many of us, what we need now (after years of reading books!) is to gather our courage and make bolder choices.

How much reading and prep work will I be expected to complete?

This coaching group is mainly about reflection and dialogue. We focus on everyday experiences as white people confronting racism in order to build greater confidence for taking action – in our meetings, planning conversations, hiring decisions, and more. We share resources and expect that occasionally we will discuss readings or videos. As we co-create a space of empathy, inspiration, and accountability. While this is a space that values confidentiality, we also honor each other’s presence by committing to the meeting schedule and being responsive – both during the course and in between the sessions.

What will I be able to do after I complete this work?

In 90 days, you will have a clear and simple way of expressing why and how racial equity matters to you and for your team. You will be comfortable describing this viewpoint, responding to people’s questions, and mediating different points of view.

  • Facilitating (and participating in) leadership meetings through a racial justice lens;
  • Building racial justice into business outputs as well as operations;
  • Finding the right balance for you between asserting your position and taking guidance from others;
  • Recognizing how racial justice work is organizational change work;
  • Quieting the voices of self-doubt and building a leadership identity that nurtures you.

 – Evangeline

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