Organizational Development

Parker J Palmer

“The highest form of love is the love that allows for intimacy
without the annihilation of difference.”
— Parker J. Palmer


At Beyond Conflict we have worked with organizations facing rapid growth, leadership changes, staff reductions, work cultural crises, or facing critical decision points and priority setting. Our clients seek support to make strategic and authentic decisions regarding their infrastructure, staffing, or work culture. Here are 4 types of organizational change processes we have supported organizations or companies to undertake.

Launching a diversity and equity initiative:

  • Integrating the values of diversity, equity, and inclusion into business propositions;

  • Incorporating diversity into performance management practices and work culture surveys;

  • Building the skills and attitudes of key leaders, managers and recruiters;

  • Designing and supporting an Employee Resource Group program, and

  • Creating and facilitating training and leadership development programs.

Support an organization during a pivotal leadership transition:

  • Meet with board and staff to understand multiple perceptions and reactions;

  • Support the board and leadership team to work with new leadership, while recognizing the impact of the loss;

  • Design a process for aligning current needs and supporting individuals and teams to re-focus on the mission and work at hand; and

  • Coach leaders to manage the significance of the change while also staying focused on new and ongoing vision and work.

Consult to a small group of advocates to become a membership-based 501-c3:

  • Design and facilitate meetings and discussions that solidify vision and goals for the new organization;

  • Assist with administrative and legal decision making regarding the new structure;

  • Support the group to articulate the roles and infrastructure desired for launching and maintaining the work;

  • Train board members to diversify their fundraising strategy; and

  • Help to design an outreach plan for growth.

Closing an organization in a way that honors the history, impact and people involved.

  • Facilitate the decision-making process of whether to merge, close or go on hiatus;

  • Design and vision the rituals and ceremony for closing the organization;

  • Hold space for how to reconcile the financial aspects of the organization