Racial Justice Transformation

Racial Justice Transformation

For 23 years, I have worked with teams and organizations to transform practice and mindsets in service of racial justice.

My clients choose me for:

  • Training: click here for a menu of DEI training available for customization.

    * The 6 series: a workshop series for multiracial groups to develop shared understanding of structural racism and white supremacy culture, learn how and why to caucus, and develop customized organizational practices for interrupting racism interpersonally and systemically.

    * Don’t Start with Unconscious Bias: Too many majority white organizations believe the place to start with staff training is with unconscious bias. We believe that a more transparent conversation about conscious bias, structural racism and the impact of white supremacy culture is more effective for aligning multiracial groups. This training is a great place to start dialogue with majority white teams.

     * Resisting Racism Inside and Out: a space for white people to consider our internalized dominance and learn how to interrupt patterns.

  • Caucus Facilitation: why use race caucusing as a tool for centering racial equity, how to facilitate a white caucus that is on purpose and centers collective liberation
  • Organizational Development and Change Work: engage in a change process that involves human resource policies and processes, engaging teams, work cultures, leadership development and training
  • Group Coaching for white leaders who desire the right language and mindset to lead racial justice change work with greater authenticity and courage

All of our work is customized to meet the needs of our clients.