BB King

“The beautiful thing about learning is nobody can take it away from you.”
— B.B. King


  • All of the workshops below can be customized to meet the particular needs of your group or organization.
  • Introductory courses on most of these topics are 2 hours.
  • Depending on the depth of the skill building, training could last a day or more.
  • Many of these workshops can be combined to create retreats or multiple day trainings.

Magic Facilitation Lab

I will share with you my three-step magic facilitation formula for creating interactive and successful online workshops. The lab is for experienced trainers and consultants who want to punch up the interactivity and accessibility of their work FAST.

Leadership and Management Workshops

  • Warrior, Magician, Caregiver, Sage: Explore Your Leadership Style! This workshop is a fun and poetic way to unpack different leadership styles. We will explore foundational Jungian archetypes and assess how these archetypal instincts in each of us define our strengths, as well as our challenges. This is a powerful introduction to understanding your own leadership voice, as well as an authentic and engaging way for a team to build deeper connections.
  • Beyond Conflict: Conflict is a terrific source of innovation and creativity. Conflict allows us to unpack our most unique and deeply held beliefs. When we engage in conflict, we can discover how values drive each and all of us. This is a wonderful and comprehensive review of conflict, our different styles for managing conflict and the ways that we can become more astute at working across differences. There’s no breakthrough quite as satisfying as turning what could be a destructive conflict into a creative and respectful act of co-creation.
  • Challenging conversations: There are just some conversations that we dread having: giving someone a challenging performance review, disciplining a direct report, engaging a supervisor in their inappropriate behavior – to name a few. And yet, these conversations wouldn’t be so challenging if we could just walk away. How can we set ourselves and each other up for meaningful dialogue, especially when the stakes are high? Whether you’re a manager or a volunteer leader, or a new hire, this is a communication skills workshop for everyone.
  • Bamboo Boundaries Series: a 5-week commitment that involves a cohort of 4-6 individuals tackling their own growth and leadership development while supporting one another in the process. Facilitated by Beyond Conflict coaches, this series is a powerful journey to setting boundaries in your personal and professional life.
  • Supervision Skills: In this workshop, we train new and experienced managers to evolve their intentional communication skills, develop more useful performance objectives, and explore how they use coaching and feedback in their everyday supervision.
  • Delivering Performance Reviews: The performance review begins as soon as you welcome a new person to your team. How do you set yourself up for the best performance review cycle ever? This workshop goes through the best practices of performance management and gives participants relevant tips and considerations about fairness, motivation, the benefits of self-evaluation and a discussion of the types of tools to consider.
  • Consensus Decision Making: Many groups want to use consensus and abandon it abruptly when it becomes burdensome and difficult to manage. This workshop supports intact teams, organizations and coalitions to develop shared understanding of consensus as a tool for engagement and inclusivity. Working with a specific tool, we support the group to learn more about consensus by engaging in some experiential activities designed for the team. In addition to practice using the tool, we often support members of the group to take turns facilitating the decision making and getting feedback on their skills.

Diversity + Inclusion Workshops

  • Diversity + Inclusion Foundations: What do these two words mean? This workshop is an engaging team building session that invites a full exploration of these terms, how they are interpreted by the individual participants and what it means to put them into action as a group.
  • Power, Privilege, and Oppression: this introductory workshop aims to develop shared understanding of the intersectional concepts of power and privilege along the lines of social identities such as race, sexual orientation, or gender. We explore the meaning and impact of group identities and move through the complexities of privilege in order to support group members to be accountable and supportive to one another.
  • Interviewing with Diversity + Inclusion in Mind: This session is aimed at hiring managers and recruiters and addresses some of the common pitfalls that can interfere with your diversity and recruitment efforts. In addition to reviewing potential diversity and inclusion behavioral questions, we give participants the time to practice both asking and answering diversity questions.
  • Interrupting White Supremacy: This is an advanced diversity session which provides participants the time and guidance to examine how white supremacist culture manifests in your organization, how it is maintained and what best practices exist for interrupting these practices.
  • Designing a Racial Justice Organization: In this session, we recognize the need to center racial justice, the benefits and challenges of this choice and begin to envision what your organization would look and feel like as it places racial justice at the center of both programmatic work and internal staff dynamics. Regardless of the racial and ethnic make-up of your board or staff, this workshop is a great way to kick off an organizational change process or a series of diversity and inclusion workshops.
  • Gender Justice: This is more than a sexual harassment training – it’s a deeper exploration into the assumptions and manifestations of sexism. What is the gender binary and why are we so determined to maintain it? What impact do our attitudes about gender have on our workplace culture, hiring and leadership development practices, board development, harassment and grievance experiences and other workplace dynamics? This a great workshop for leaders and front-line employees alike. 
  • Tools for Understanding and Stopping Unconscious Bias: Everyone makes split-second decisions all the time about everything from how welcoming a retail establishment is to how safe we are crossing a parking lot at night. Our brains are programmed to track trust and safety. How does this function hurt us? When are these perceptions creating habits that become biases and what can we do to interrupt the process before it takes hold? A terrific workshop for hiring managers, marketing directors, program evaluators, leadership team members – anyone whose judgment impacts your bottom line.
  • Building an Inclusive Culture: Working with Dynamics of Exclusion + Inclusion: This advanced course is an intensive examination of intersecting identities and exclusion. How do individual and group identities impact power dynamics? How do we notice dynamics of exclusion and what can be done to challenge them? Who is responsible for making these changes?
  • Lunch and Learn Diversity Film Series: Over years, we have carefully curated films, TED Talks, documentaries and videos that are terrific jumping off points for discussion about diversity & inclusion.