“To handle yourself, use your head;
to handle others, use your heart.”

— Eleanor Roosevelt

At Beyond Conflict, we design futures with our clients. Whether you’re looking for a leadership development program, a professional coach, a board retreat or a staff training, we design with your future in mind. As expert consultants, our work demonstrates our commitment to racial and gender justice, engaged facilitation, and individual transformation.

Our experience ranges from higher education to customer service, technology firms and management coaching, health and personal growth, advocacy organizations and nonprofits.

Beyond Conflict is owned by Evangeline Weiss and Cheryl Dalton, two social change agents who have been working for justice and liberation for over 30 years. Their experience brings visionary consulting and coaching through a social justice lens. Beyond Conflict’s customized, comprehensive programs are in use nationwide and continue to create long-lasting solutions.

Where to find me

Evangeline Weiss

4626 west market street #119
Greensboro NC 27410